The Audacity of Being The Voice of The Liberal "Purist" Left!

If you are on a panel and you are discussing how terrible the Tax Plan agreement reached between the Whitehouse and Republicans is, shouldn't you at least do your homework and know the basic facts about the Tax Plan deal struck with Republicans before appearing to speak about how horrible the deal is for America? I was flabbergasted by what I saw on the Lawrence O'Donnell show, the Last Word (transcript included in link), last night when Jane "Kill the Bill" Hamsher, Roger Hodge and Adam Green were just awfully embarrassing to be the voice of the Liberal Left. I am certain if the philosophy they displayed is considered the threshold to be in the camps of the Liberal Left, it is shameful and I am staying as far away from it as I can. I will stay in the Pragmatist left camp alright, i.e. of course with my President who is always working hard and in the business of cleaning the shit left for him by his predecessors. You would think Jane Hamsher would know a little about the Death Tax in the proposed plan? Nope. You would think Roger "rabbits" would know what the lowest tax bracket percentage is? Nope. You would think that they know that this plan will: 1) pass a $56 Billion unemployment extension law that will allow 2 million people get unemployment Benefit and create 600,000 jobs in 2011? 2) pass a law that will allow the Average Americans to keep on the average $3,000 a year. 3) give students and families up to $2,500 in tax savings to help pay for college tuition and other expenses. 4) pass a 2% employee-side payroll tax cut for over 155 million workers saving a family making $70,000 a year about $1,400 – which translate to providing tax relief of about $120 billion next year. 5) pass the Earned Income Tax Credit that will give on an average $600 in additional assistance to families with 3 or more children. 6) pass the Child Tax Credit that helps 10.5 million lower income families with 18 million children with a $1,000 child tax credit per child with the $3,000 maximum credit threshold. 7) pass COBRA Benefits for those who lost their jobs in the recession, providing a 65 percent tax credit to help cover the cost of health care. 8) pass Unemployment Benefits for those who lost their jobs in the recession, to help them get back on their feet, making the first $2,400 in unemployment benefits tax-free, when normally 100 percent of those benefits are taxable. Well, I won't hold you up. I have presented to you the three most idiotic panelist foaming at the mouth above and hope you have seen the video and if you have a limitation to view the video, sorry the feature at MSNBC does not allow me to copy and paste the transcript but you can read the transcript directly from the MSNBC Sitelink. The forth Panelist, Ezra Klein has reaffirmed to me that he is the genius I have always thought he is as it was refreshing to hear him speak on real substance. I wish many on the Left would have the Audacity to be the voice of Liberals like Klein.

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