What is a College Degree Really Worth?

(Author's Note: This is an excerpt of my column at The Loop 21. It was co-written with Professor Marybeth Gasman.)

There is a movement afoot that is questioning the value of a college degree. After all, a college degree’ s worth has diminished in a global marketplace that moves at a swifter pace and in a somewhat more unpredictable direction than in decades past. And as more young people seek degrees the marginal value of each new graduate introduced into the marketplace will continue to diminish, they say, leading to the perception that: earning a college degree is a minimum expectation as opposed to what it used to be -- a gateway to success.

Those saying that too many people are pursuing four-year college degrees, noting that these degrees are useless for many given the current market, are advocating technical training or two-year degrees similar to the system in Europe. They say that skills, and not necessarily knowledge, are what is most valuable in the United States today.

The movement essentially questions two things: The amount of debt these students incur and the recession's effect on young college graduates' ability to find work.

Read the full article here: http://theloop21.com/money/whats-a-college-degree-worth?page=1

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