Tuesday Open Thread: What's Your News Source?

I am launching this daily open thread today, so you can share anything productive you want others to see - news, analysis, commentary.  Let's keep it free-wheeling, but also civil.  What do you think is the most important read of the day?  Has something been bugging you that you need to just get out of your system?  Then this is the place to do it.

I'm also interested in knowing what news sources readers here follow: print, TV, Radio, or the Internet.  I read the New York Times, The Atlantic, Ezra Klein's column (especially Wonkbook), BBC News, the sources you see on the blogroll with more or less regularity, SFGate.com, the San Jose Mercury News, and my twitter feed (the people I follow).  I also watch Countdown and Rachel's show on MSNBC.  What about you?

By the way, have you had your coffee yet? :-)


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