Those of us who haven't voted early already, that is.  Today, the control of Congress hangs in the balance, as Americans decide whether to hand over the levers of power to the GOP, taking our country backwards and embracing the values and policies which manifested themselves into the worst economic collapse since the great depression, or whether to keep control in Democratic hands, continuing to move this country forward on a difficult path.  But the funny thing is, Americans mostly won't be deciding this race by voting, if you hear the pundits.  They will be deciding today's results by not voting.  You read that right.  The media, the pollsters and the pundits have pre-written the school-girl giggle-level certainty of GOP's takeover based on one assumption and only one assumption: that you won't vote.

They believe that all of you who turned out in 2008 and elected President Obama in a landslide knowing full well the journey forward will be difficult are so disheartened at the toughness of our journey that you won't vote.  They think that if you voted for the first time (or for the first time in a long time) in 2008, you did it because you are some sort of a cult led by the President, not because you love and care about your country.  So now that he's not on the ballot, you won't vote.

They project that you are so disappointed at the imperfect but impressive and progressive reforms that are already the hallmark of this President and this Democratic Congress, that you will stay home allow the Tea Party Republican governance to take power.  They believe that you will choose to let the most extreme right take over Congress and shut down the government rather than to vote and make sure we keep moving forward.  They believe that you want to punish the Democrats for something that was the Republicans' fault to begin with so badly that you don't care if this country goes to hell in a handbasket.

So, are they right?  Will you prove them wrong?  There is no excuse not to vote today.  Wherever you are, take a little time out of your day and go vote.  Vote Democratic.  Prove the talking heads wrong.  Make the pollsters look at each other in disbelief.  Make them regret doubting your resolve and your patriotism.  Vote.  If anyone makes it difficult for you to vote, don't be intimidated.  Call the Democratic voter protection hotline at 1-800-311-VOTE (8683).

This country's future is your hands.  You have the power to set the direction of this country.  Vote.

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