So, I'm a Teabagger, Nazi, *and* a Communist?

Since I have challenged (here and before that, here) Scott Wooledge's ("clarknt67" elsewhere on the web) for prematurely pronouncing DADT repeal dead, he and one of his fans/minions have taken a particular interest in going after me, and this blog.  On Twitter.  So I was searching for tweets mentioning this blog on Twitter on Wednesday night, and this comes up:

calling TPV disjointed names

I see.  This blog has an authoritarian crap ass name, The People's View, and the emblem is an eagle, which only Teabaggers use.  Also, anything with the name "People's something" is necessarily Nazi.  And Communist.  Got it.

As I explained on a few occasion, the "view" part of this blog's name means perspective, not opinion.  "View" as in a "bird's eye view," for example, not an opinion.  As for the eagle, I wonder if this guy has ever seen an American flag pole.  Praytell, what's on top of it?  But hey, since Scott is different from the "teabagers", and since the "teabaggers" call everyone they don't like Nazi and a Communist, Scott is calling someone he doesn't like both a "teabagger" and a Nazi.  And his fan joins in the chorus and calls me a Communist.  Na-na-na-na-na-na-na.

But I guess they do have a point about using "The People..." and how that makes one a Tea Partier, a Communist and a Nazi.  I mean, it's such a Tea Partying, Nazi, Communist phrase.  I mean, remember all the Nazis and Communists that wrote this?
We The People...
Not like that's quintessentially American or anything.

Seriously, setting aside the cognitive dissonance required to call someone all three names based on a blog's name, I am a little surprised and a lot amused at the pettiness exhibited by someone who wants to be considered a serious voice and a serious activist working for the civil rights cause of our time.  My guess is somehow, simply by pointing out the incompleteness and inaccuracies of his hair-on-fire "DADT is dead" pronouncements, I have touched a nerve, or gotten under a skin.

This is what is wrong with the loud-mouth left puritans though, who want to discredit the President by any means necessary.  They are not humble enough to accept when they have been wrong on a prediction (even when that being wrong actually means the advancement of the cause they support); they double up by attacking and name-calling a small time blogger who dares to call them out on it.  In this instant, they are more interested in preventing the White House for taking credit than in actually getting something done.  See, it's not just important that something get done, but it's even more important that we not be proven making premature calls in the process.  And the most important part is that we retain a way to demonize the President.  That's what their actions show, and in my judgment, that is one of the most dangerous attitudes standing in the way of progress.

It's sad.  And it's also why the fight for gay rights needs to be rescued from the left puritans on the two coasts who claim to represent the whole movement, and essentially the political demands of all LGBT Americans.  On the coasts, we have made tremendous progress on gay rights, but because we have, we often don't pay attention to the advancements made (for example, hospital visitation) that change the lives of our brotheren in states that do not provide as much protections as New York and California.  On the LGBT rights movement, we need a new generation of leadership, from coast to coast and in the middle, issues from marriage equality to protecting children in school, from freedom to serve to the freedom to simply be.

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