Just a quick note.  When I wrote my article yesterday, How'd That Pissing on Obama Thing Work Out for You?, I never imagined that the people piping mad about it, or the people the article was directed at would make my very point.  Well, they did.  On the comments section of the crosspost on Daily Kos and Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC this morning (video here).  These people are very satisfied that, as Greenwald said, "half of the Blue Dogs disappeared overnight" while 95% of the House Progressive Caucus remains intact.  All true.

And it also proves my point.  Who is this 95% of the progressive caucus that remained intact?  Oh, right, the people who were the most loyal to President Obama.  The people who voted with the President in the most important reforms.  The people that the mindless drones like Jane Hamsher over at Firedoglake wanted to primary if they had the temerity to vote for health care reform even if a public option couldn't be part of it.  The members of Congress whom the Poutrage Cabal were mad at for voting for financial reform that wasn't perfect.

And just who's that shrinking Blue Dog caucus?  Ohh.  The Democrats that voted against the President.  Oops.

So in a nutshell, Democrats who stuck by the President and his agenda and voted for imperfect bills (that were still the most significant reforms in generations) won.  The ones who didn't lost.  But the Poutrage Crew wants to tell you that the President's policies were horrible, not worth supporting and hurt Democrats.  Interesting.

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