MSNBC's suspension of Olbermann plays right into Fox News' hand

(Author's Note: An excerpt of my weekly column in The Loop 21.)

Today Keith Olbermann returns from the pointless suspension doled out by his employer, MSNBC. Olbermann had admitted in an interview that he contributed to Democratic candidates, an act deemed a violation of employee conduct. The suspension was riveting because Olbermann is MSNBC’s cash cow, raking in more than 1 million viewers per night. Which would lead one to think that MSNBC was making a principled stand, no?

Well, no. If you were deaf, dumb, and blind you still would have known that Olbermann was a Democrat who was supportive of their candidates (donations or no donations). The riddle here is why MSNBC actually believes they have gained a modicum of respect for the impartiality such a suspension would seem to suggest.

How can I put this elegantly: Um, no...

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