Monday Open Thread: Community Charity Edition

As usual, feel free to use this thread for anything you'd like to talk about or bring up.  The flavors of the day's open thread is only a general idea from me, and the thread is of course not bound by it.  With that being said, this is the beginning of the holiday season, and I want to dedicate it to the most important part of the holiday season: giving.  Giving especially to organizations that do the work to change people's lives.  I also want to focus on community non-profits rather than national ones, since they get far too little attention.

I have a special bond with the Lupus Foundation of Northern California, which provides critically needed services and education to people affected with Lupus and their families.  In fact, if you are doing some shopping online, you can help LFNC simply by shopping on Market America's LFNC portal.  The Billy de Frank LGBT Community Center in San Jose, CA is entirely volunteer staffed and works hard to give hope to LGBT youth and provide a community for everyone in the area.

What are the local organizations you feel are doing great work in your communities?  Share your story (and of course, as I said, anything else you feel like).

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