I Don't Care What the TSA Does to You

(Author's Note: excerpt of my weekly column in The Loop 21)

Not sure but this may come off the wrong way: I don’t care if the TSA won’t let go of your junk (as a passenger so eloquently put it as he was being patted down a little too vigorously). I don’t care if they look too mean, seem too lazy, or heaven forbid ask you to actually follow their procedures in full. I don’t say this because I’m insensitive to the legitimate claims out there that warrant attention to the TSA’s misdeeds. And I don’t say this because I don’t fly. In fact, I’ve flown three times in as many months. No, I say this because it is just another reminder that America expects to have a ‘war on terrorism’ with zero cost.

Let’s face it - these days America loves sacrifice as long as it’s someone else doing the sacrificing. Numerous cases came to light over the past few years where foreign citizens were apprehended, not formally accused, and provided zero access to attorneys and little access to representatives from their country’s government. One of the most notable cases occurred in 2002.

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