How Is That Populist Anger Working Out So Far? That Populists Monday Morning Quarterbacking!

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Populist Anger?

Populist Anger sure did deliver victory...did it not?

How did that working to hold our party leaders to the principles and ideals that made us great going for you?

How did the trashing of Summers, Geithner, Rahm, and the POTUS fixed American's problem? Wait a minute...I get it, we have Elizabeth Warren that will fix everything for us in a snap now.

How did the "Kill The Bill" meme that created a stalemate within the democratic party making it difficult to govern helped America, Miz. Jane "the Blackface" Hamsher and company?

How is that we have Jim Crow is running the Administration bullshit helped repeal DADT?

Are you still more demoralized than the Bush years that you have delusions to staying a Democrat?

Hell, populist Anger sure did not help Democrats win elections...did it?

Could the effort at marginalizing this President over the last two years have been a bigger disaster? The Democrats achieved so much making the case for two straight years, accomplished by far better than any past administration making their case to only be hammered by racists on the right and purist on the left. Some self appointed Internet video personality idiots will say, Democrats laid down their arms as usual pondering the negativity. Well, it turns out the pondering allowed voters to come out well informed to vote for the fucking racists party. Surprise, surprise. And...congratulations for a job well done!

How stupid can one be aiding in bringing a political stalemate between the White House and Congress in an already bumpy relationship, and thus ensure their own ungovernability by voting out Democrats? Of course, unless their is some other motive than policy disagreement especially when what has been accomplished touches every middle class Americans except those who want to deny it who are fighting against their own self interest.

Hell ya there is motive. It seems benign and coded but its root has spread long and farther than we think it has. Sure, there is other motives and I will dedicate to discussing it exclusively in a different diary soon but I will give you a hint though...The national movement of White folks can't stomach the sight of a Black Man in charge and in the White House, and are doing everything in their power teaming up with the media and corporations to hand him a political lynching in 2012 and their strategy so far has hit a home run as the proof is in the pudding -- they have succeeded. Yes, whether you like it or not, racism is the number one core motive to the bone that brought racist out in droves to take their country back in this mid-term election. My mother always says, stir that beef stew if you want it to test real good. Well, a stew that has not been stirred up in the last two days has left bad taste in my mouth. But again, I will save that subject for my another diary soon and why we must call Republicans for what they are every freaking day of the next two years -- Hate filled RACISTS mothafuckers.

However, I will not pretend nor would I wear a blinder to not see that there are a small clots of privileged apologists who have infiltrated this site who soul purpose of being at dkos appear to be to contribute to delegitimize this President.

To my holier than thou purist friends who don't understand hardly how change in politics work and are always the first to caricature anything this administration does -- Yes, President Rush Limbaugh has won this election pushing the Republicans to fight and not give an inch to the Democrats. How has your pushing Democrats to fight for purity has worked for you so far? President Rush has you to thank for for your unconditional support. At least with his racist and divisive strategy he has got something to show for. What do you have to show for for your non stop tantrum? Your strategy unfortunately was a big fucking failure. However much you might love the idea of keeping Obama's feet to the fire, it has proven to be a terrible political strategy.

Yes, the Racists had no desire to working with the president on anything. Yes, like every Republican congress, the only thing the Racist Republican Party would want to do is tear any Democratic President down. The question is why would the professional left want to tear him down too? Tell me how is when the likes of Cenk, Jane, Adem, David and et al out there pontificating popular outrage when this President has accomplished more than any White President in the history of this country while privileged leftists and racist teabagging hateful fucks play target practice on him all over the country ripping his character to shreds? Yes, I get are keeping his feet to the fire and standing to your principles. A fucked up principle of caricaturing to helping to set the narrative that the "base" no longer supports their party leadership and Obama anymore even though you are furthest disconnected to know the pain of the "base".

As a big tent issue Democrats, may be if we care more about the importance of our intersectional principles than tarnishing our own brand; may be, if we start appreciating the things we have achieved rather than belittle it, may be if we knew how to throw less venom and inform voters rather than aid them mothafuckers with a narrative; may be if we knew how to be loyal to our party and President and help shape the message rather than be a fake democrats who turn their back when the road is rough calling for Meeks to drop out to support an ex-Republican Charlie Crist in Florida, just may be then we will know how to be true to our principles without taking out the central nervous system of that I am my brothers and sisters keeper principle in the name of keeping Obama's feet to the fire bullshit. A prime example to learning about loyalty stares us right in the face every day and they are coming to take their country back against every principle this nation stands for. Well, I don't fucking know what principle some in this community stand for anymore sadly. There are way too many know it all self righteous folks around here who think being a Professional Left is a fad. Don't be fooled cause this country has at least another 30 years to go to purify itself when the population of the now minorities become close majority. Until then we must accept and live in a reality based community not live in a la la land.

HELL NO, I am not going to apologize to the same people who imply their party leader is a bigot, who claim they are demoralized more today than during the Bush years, who insult the President and the Democratic party to the bone, calling the POTUS inhuman, coldhearted sociopath, war criminal, feckless, empty suit of a waffling, weaseling oil industry butt boy and all the names there is to call and not to mention spitting a dime in his face. You wonder sometimes if these people are moles infiltrated within one of the most apparently progressive site on the cyberspace or disgruntled ignorant souls who only think about their one or two issues. Hell will freeze before I apologize to these ignorant, coded and privileged souls who will not be able to find their asses with maps and a flashlight.

Boy, what more can you say about the purist mentality and reality. Well, I will tell you this -- If President Obama is going to get traction in the next two years we must adjust in shaping the message in informing rather than misinforming, start fighting back face on against hate-filled racists teabaggering Republicans rather than amongst ourselves, learn a thing or two about loyalty that will maximize our political muscle in the long haul or else the next two years are going to be brutal that we will all shit on our pants when Republicans fuck us up and drive us into the ditch. HELL NO I AM NOT ABOUT TO ALLOW THAT SHIT TO HAPPEN...and the rest of you out there should not either. It is time to push back NOW! The fucking craziness must end right now.

America want it all. We want to be the mother of all puritans but we forget the make up of our politics. We want less Government but want Government to fix our problems. We are proud descendants of immigrants but a different standard is applied when that immigrant is African American. We are a nation that fear change but we scream for change. There has been so many changes in the last two years if only we had ears for it or able to comprehend it but we complain about the message being lost and how we need a PR machine while we spew everything that caricature the message with forked tongues helping to make sure the message is lost in transit. Top down including here with most FPers, the messaging makes you wonder if you are at times at a FOX News sister blog site. You can see where the hearts and minds of the at large community is by just looking at what is on the rec list in this community and who are rec'ing it.

Change is coming. In a lightning speed. Be assured. They are crawling from all over to take their country back with Rand Paul leading the way because a Black President with a middle name Hussein just does not belong in the White House. Welcome to the 18th century. You are witnessing a political lynching in action.

You know what though...aiding them to making Obama a one term President is not the answer. It makes the Left puritans the teabaggers of the Left. I think it is time for self reflection.

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