Meg Whitman Admits Californians Should Vote for Jerry Brown!

Oh, this is a hilarious turn of events.  If ever you thought the political gods don't have a sense of humor, you stand corrected today.  Here is a new ad Jerry Brown just released.  It uses Meg Whitman's own words - not just against her but to make the case for Jerry Brown.

Whitman is fond of telling the story of what a great place California was 30 years ago when she and her husband came to our golden state.  Now Brown's team has gone in for the kill: who was governor 30 years ago, Ms. Whitman? Here's the killer ad:

Here's a transcript of the ad I have put together.
Meg Whitman: You know, 30 years ago, anything was possible in this state.

Cut to screen with the following: Who was Governor 30 years ago? Jerry Brown.

Narrator: As governor, he cut waste. He got rid of the mansion and the limo. Budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. World class schools and universities. Clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. California was working.

Meg Whitman: I mean it's why I came to California so many years ago.

Narrator: Jerry Brown. Knowledge and know-how to get California working again.
I have got to give my hats off to Jerry Brown and his political team.  This is an incredible catch and a fantastic smackdown.  Not only is it funny, but it makes Whitman lose all credibility she had left.  I bet she didn't realize that her California came true under Jerry Brown's governorship! And you thought the "Echo" ad was as good as it got!

Right now, Whitman is running as a typical Republican corporate CEO who eliminated jobs. Jerry Brown is running as the champion of the middle class. Whitman may try to moderate her image, but she is nothing better than Tea Party Republican. Jerry Brown is the only candidate in this race with a grasp of the state's problems, and an idea about how to solve them. Whitman wants to suspend the state's clean air laws. Jerry Brown wants to invest in clean energy. Whitman thinks our budget woes will magically vanish if she runs the state "like a business." Jerry Brown, a lifelong public servant, knows that a state has far more responsibilities to its people than a corporation does to its employees or stockholders.

Jerry Brown understands that the government of the State of California is not to treat our citizens like expendable commodities, as Whitman treat her employees when she was running EBay. No, Ms. Whitman. You see, a corporate chief executive is the boss of her employees. A state's chief executive is the servant of his or her citizens. You don't understand that very basic difference.

CALL TO ACTION: If you are in California, please do help Brown and Boxer.  But also, two Congressional candidates need your help:
  • Congressman Jerry McNerney, a progressive clean energy expert who is defending his seat in traditionally conservative CA-11, and
  • Dr. Ami Bera, a progressive candidate and a doctor challenging Dan Lungren in CA-3, also usually a conservative district.
Who says progressives can't win this year!

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