Now with Insurer Denial Rates

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services added a new feature to the site under the health care reform law signed by President Obama in March.  Now, not only can you go to and shop around for health insurance choices and learn about your options, now the insurance company denial rates are displayed with your choices, too.  From an email update sent out by, here are the new benefits for consumers at  Now, if you want, you can reward companies with lower denial rates.
As you’ll see, now provides you with information about health insurance options such as:
  • Monthly premium estimates
  • Cost-sharing information, including annual deductibles and out-of-pocket limits
  • Major categories of services covered
  • The consumer’s share of the cost of these services
And to help you make more informed choices, also includes, for each insurance product, two notable metrics that have never previously been available to the public:
  • The percentage of people who applied for coverage and were denied
  • The percentage of applicants who were charged higher premiums due to their health status.
Just wanted to post this quick update.  Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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