Crossposted at DailyKos These notion that if you happen to think in a pragmatic way and defend your ideals makes you to be less of a democrat has been quite over played here at dailykos. What is even more amazing is that these notion if you think like a pragmatic and support all Democrats (not just the better ones who stood by public option, or signed up to kill the bill) in the midterms in November, you are considered to have not taken concerns of voters and Democratic activists. I believe in the message -- "Don't want things to turn worse? Vote Democratic because the Republican alternative is worse!". I also believe that a blue dog democrat like Senator Lincoln is better for the next six year until we get a better and viable alternative to primary her again than have her be replaced by a teabagger Republican't. So, there was a question in this diary from yesterday that asked:
Is that the sort of message that gets activists and voters out to vote? Is it the one that gets these people on your side for the midterm campaigns?
My answer is... I will try to answer the question with a question. Tell me after watching this video, allowing this people to be in-charge of our Government is not a good enough reason message that should get activists and voters to get out to vote? If that is not a good enough reason, tell me after reading the seven new health reform provisions which kicked in yesterday and the testimonial of lives and health premiums saved which benefited patients because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is not a good enough reason why voters and activists should not be motivated to be a key part of the team for midterm campaign. It seems to me like the many progresses and accomplishments (read it the list is very comprehensive) we have made should be the sort of message that should get activists and voters get out to vote and should persuade them to be on a Democratic side for the midterm campaigns. Highlighting these strong progressive accomplishments should allow them 'to see and feel that the Democratic Party is working to keep and strengthen the American Dream. However, losing a 54 seat majority in the house to the Republicans is just not an alternative when Democrats have accomplished so much in the last two years regardless of some activists and voters displeasure with some drawbacks. Giving the keys back to the Republicans would be enabling the legitimization of a racist teabagging movement. In fact, anything that remotely push that meme is as good as "aiding the enemy" -- straight up. What voters need from us is not mediocrity in our commitment at this stage of the game (6 weeks before election). When we have so much ammunition at our disposal to educate voters, some resort to always portray a pessimistic point of view -- that one or two things that is not perfect yet or not timely enough. In fact, at times, I would doubt if a totally perfect thing will not have flaws in the eyes of some who claim to speak on behave of voters and activists when they have probably never made ten phone calls or knocked the doors of ten voters resident. It seems like the same media spin has suddenly taken a hold of a progressive. I want the Obama middle-class tax cuts for the only reason that it will reduce the deficit by about $700 Billion in the next decade. In fact, it is not an Obama middle-class tax cuts. It is an extension of the Bush tax cuts for those who make below $250K and an increase in taxes to the top 2% earners by rolling the tax brackets to the pre-2001 level --15%, 28%, 31%, 36% and 39.6%. I want this plan to pass in congress but if it does not pass how does it affect me personally? The fact some Democrats are not voting to support the President's tax plan before the election has become an issue lately and quite disappointing. However, this plan does not affect, increase or decrease my taxes and the 98% of Americans tax liabilities. It also will not have immediate effects to voters economic situation like some would like you to think it does. Is it appropriate to use it as a wedge issue to demonize the lack of action by Democrats in congress six weeks before election? I don't think so. Is it a good enough reason for voters and activists to abandon their lawmakers? I don't think so either! I am a voter and an activist and I would like to think I am well informed of the issues and limitations of Government. As a voter like many voters, I have many needs and I want for this Government to work on my behave and they have in a number of ways to date, and they will as I am hopeful in the future. But, we need to win and in order to win we need to excite the 'base' and we have plenty of things to excite them with. It is all unto us in the next six week. It is about telling voters what is working or has worked and educating them vs. what we are disappointed in and the doom. The choice is very stark. At this stage of the game, it is not 'all about electing better Democrats this election cycle around'. It is all about electing Democrats. We can worry about electing better Democrats in the next election cycle during the primaries. There are a lot of positive messages that Democratic activists can rally around if they really want to seek it but seldom will you see an activist who is disappointed at something to speak of the positive without mixing the negative to make their case. Conveying to stay positive to puristic thinking ideology is considered insulting, denigrating, browbeating or ignoring concerns. One thing for sure is no one is beating anyone here if our minds set is not divide by drawing the line of us against them when we should be thinking about being a unit - a unified unit. Can we just agree to disagree with respect that we may not see eye to eye at times but we need to be focused on what is ahead of us -- the mid-term election. Our objective aside all the other stuff should be, to help win as many seat as possible to maintain power and finish the unfinished business of this session -- like continuing to stabilize the Economy, the successful appointment of Warren as the director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), repealing DADT, repealing Bush's Tax Cut for the top 2%, passing the "cap-and-trade" bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, passing Prison Reform, bringing our troops from Afghanistan, Middle East Peace process, creating more jobs, et al. Only when we have understanding will morale improves but morale can't be used as a bargaining chip to push an agenda that is detrimental to achieving tangible progress nor can it be used to amplify negative spin that won't be helpful in electing more Democrats in the mid-term election.

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