Who To Blame?

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Often times, it seems like we do little thinking about the creation of our disastrous recession except pointing fingers to authorities and passing the buck on who should be blamed for the making of this economy.

The truth is there is no single right answer but if there is some fraction of responsibility that has to be taken into account, the responsibility about who to blame for this recession should equally be on all of us.

Maybe not you or that other person but those of us who lived beyond our means-- those of us whose lavish lifestyle was beyond what we could afford, those of us who thought racking up debt on credit card was like spending fake money --little we thought it will come to bit us in the ass, those of us who never thought ones to hit the breaks from buying shit load of stuff we can't afford to pay for in real money if we lose one paycheck, those of us who never felt the need to plan to save but over spent ourselves like the Federal Government.

And now, some want to blame it all on Obama for why he hasn't fixed it yet. I guess 21 months are too long to not get our lavish lifestyle back. Well, I must say -- we have dug a hole deep enough all the way to China and it will damn take a while to see a third of the recovery in probably another two years.

Yes, blame the Federal Reserve too for keeping the interest rates low for fucking too long making borrowing to be such a sexy thing seducing and encouraging out of control consumer spending beyond their means. Yes, the economy grew during that time and got its needed boost but carrying forward the same policy enticing banks to lend more and consumers to borrow more than they can afford was not so much needed in an already booming economy...so yes, blame the Federal Reserve for failing to do your fucking job right.

Yes, blame the banks and their greedy bonus loving ethics. Anything to get the next big check with that fucking creative let's rip off the little people paradigm knowing they are lending money to people who don't know how to live within their means and/or who couldn’t afford to pay it...so yes, fuck the greedy bank executives.

Yes, blame that lying piece of shit, George W. Bush, for sinking $3 Trillion into a made up war that did little for the national security of our country but destroyed our reputation in the world stage, put more burden on the future generation of our country and sinking our economy to the bottom. That is without mentioning the $1.3 trillion tax cut to the rich.

And yes, fuck AIG, Goldman Sachs, Wellsfargo, Citi, BOA, Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, NAFTA, Globalization, et al. You are all the scum of the earth for getting us into all this mess.

Blame us too because we have contributed every ounce of this shit on us because we either didn't work hard enough or worked just enough to elect lawmakers who can't find their asses with maps and a flashlight. However, make no mistake about it that we will continue to be fucked especially if we plan to seat out the up-coming election because we are pissed to have not gotten our fixes quick.

Bottom line is we are all in this shit together and we are in it for the long haul whether we like it or not. There ain't shit anyone of us including the President, Democrats and especially Teabagging Republican'ts can do to change things in a flip of a switch. The hole is too deep to come out of it sprinting and if the Rethugs get a hold of power, they will keep digging the hole even more deeper.

Here is the deal...we need to buy patience and we don't have to borrow it from the banks. Patience is within our hearts and minds that could easily be embraced. Do we have patience in us to practice it?

I have said it before about what the Democrats and this President have done to slow the bleeding they inherited. It might be too little to some but I will quote myself again to point to a fraction of the accomplishments achieved during the last 21 months:
We have accomplished so much and changing the trajectory of what was handed to us . Be it with the Stimulus Plan, the LGBT issues, the Wall street Reform, the Auto Industry rescue plan, the appointment of 2 Women to the Supreme Court (Two women in the Supreme Court in 19 months while it had taken 43 American presidents and 234 years before our recent appointees), the Jobs saved and created slowing the bleeding, the Jobs Bill saving 300,000 teachers and public workers jobs from unemployment as recently as a few weeks ago, the increased amount of federal Pell Grant awards and the stripping of banks privileges as intermediaries for student loan servicing, the expanation of unemployment benefit, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the SCHIP health-care program, the Public Lands bill, the Government Transparency especially on lobbyist’s access to the White House, the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the Federal support for stem-cell research, the Cash for clunkers program, the making of more loans available to small businesses, the increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act, the Credit Card Bill of Rights, just to mention a few, are major accomplishments.
Again, what we need to continue to do is build on these accomplishments and ensure Democrats keep power to avoid blaming anyone else including ourselves for giving the power back to the party of NO. Keeping the trajectory we are on will allow us to change the path and get us out of the hole even if it is a painful road ahead.

Keep HOPE alive!

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