Watch Barbara Boxer Wipe the Floor with Fiorina Tonight!

Sen. Barbara Boxer is rightly a progressive hero, and I am proud to call her my Senator.  A magnificent and tireless champion of social justice, economic prosperity, women's reproductive choice and a steadfast steward of our environment, she is being challenged by golden-parachute holding fired HP CEO Carly Fiorina whose only claim to the Senate seat against the people of California is to try to buy it with her money.

Sen. Boxer will be debating disgraced CEO Fiorina tonight live from 7-8 pm Pacific.  Be sure to tune in and watch Boxer fight for California and take on the silver spoon corporate CEO.  Find your TV listings here.  As Sen. Boxer says, the choice couldn't be clearer.

Oh, and don't forget to help Sen. Boxer out.  Fiorina may have her golden parachute, but Boxer has us -- if you can at all, go contribute to Boxer's money bomb today!  Then go to and sign up to help.

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