This Just In: Labor-Hating White House Saves Union Jobs!

This also just in: Rahm Emanuel has got a foul mouth.  Stop the presses!  Ed Schultz had it on his show on MSNBC today as one of his "hot buttons" - ZOMG, Rahm said "fuck the UAW!"  The story broke on Huffington Post, which reported that the former Obama administration Car Czar is writing a... book.  And in that book, he says that Rahm says bad words.

Poutrage!  Obama White House insults workers, check that, they hate labor unions!!  Of course, Jonathan Alter of Newsweek set Ed straight on this nonsense.  Here, watch the exchange:

I am not so sure Rahm is responsible for the 2006 Democratic takeover of Congress -- I think one Howard Dean gets a lot of credit for that -- but everything else John Alter goes through is correct.  The auto industry was rescued by the federal government with the President's leadership.  A million auto industry jobs -- specifically, UAW jobs -- were saved thanks to the intervention of the Obama White House.

Setting aside the motives of a source that seems eager to vindicate his own name after having to give up his job after "the 58-year-old financier lasted only six months, with his sudden resignation sparking speculation that a pay-for-play scandal at his old private equity firm was becoming an unhealthy distraction," even if he is correct, it's President Obama that is in charge of the White House.  It's President Obama who's made the calls on policy -- calls that, one might point out, ended up working out very well for the UAW workers.  Auto workers or the UAW didn't get, well, screwed.

Does Ed Schultz have any complaint about the jobs saved thanks to the auto industry rescue?  No.  Does he have problems with the way UAW workers were treated during that time?  No, additionally, John Alter reminds us that the auto industry rescue package was very fair, and organized labor got a very fair deal from the White House -- to the point of making securitized investors whine that they got too good a deal.  Granted, it doesn't take much for big shareholders to whine, but UAW didn't have any complaints about the deal either.

So apparently, this is all about someone's feelings getting hurt.  When did we become such crybabies?  Look, Rahm Emanuel is not the issue.  Tim Geitner is not the issue.  The personalities are not the issue.  The issues are the issues.  And on the issues relevant here, the American auto industry and a million jobs were saved thanks to the actions of this administration.  That is the bottom line.  Let's judge this administration by the fruits of its actions, and even the propriety of those actions, but for heaven's sake, not by who-said-what-about-who-said-what.

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