Easy Money: health insurers charge more for less

(Author's Note: excerpt of my weekly column in theloop21.com)

Do you like paying more for less? When it comes to health insurance get used to it. According to the 2010 Employer Health Benefits Survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust, “Workers paid nearly $3,997 this year toward the cost of family healthcare coverage -- up $482 from the average employee share in 2009 and a jump of 47 percent from the average employee share for family coverage in 2005.”

With those kind of increases you would naturally assume that workers are getting more for their money -- but they aren’t -- “30 percent of companies surveyed said they reduced the scope of benefits at the same time that they increased the amount their employees must pay for health insurance in the past year, according to a Medpage Today article on the report...

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