Rand Paul: Obama Must Stop Holding BP Accountable

He has done it before.  So it's no surprise that he'd do it again.  After calling the Obama Administration's efforts to hold BP accountable for the worst oil spill in American history "un-American", the Board certified Dr. Paul is now back at it, saying that the President's criticisms of BP could - you guessed it - hurt BP's business.  Oh, the humanity!
Paul said Thursday that BP should pay for the Gulf cleanup, but that Obama administration's sharp rhetoric could help imperil the company.

"I don't want them to go out of business when they can't pay for the mess, and that's what that kind of rhetoric could do," he said. "I want BP to be in business so it can afford to pay for the mess."
In other words, in order to make sure BP is held accountable, according to Ron Paul, the President must not hold BP accountable.  At least not rhetorically.  Hmm, I could be wrong about this, but wasn't it BP being in business that caused the spill?  It is ridiculous to claim that criticism from the Obama Administration will make BP go under.  You go argue that in a civil lawsuit.  "Your honor, yes my client stole money, but if opposing counsel keeps criticizing him, my client will go out of business and won't be able to pay up!"

Frankly, in my book, not that they would, but if BP did go out of business, it wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.  What could be a bigger deterrent to future spills than companies knowing spills aren't just cost of business, but they could cost you your business?

Jack Conway, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Kentucky and Paul's opponent, came out swinging in favor of holding BP accountable.
"Accountability is not going on national TV and saying that it's un-American to go after British Petroleum," said Conway, the state's attorney general. "Accountability is not having a world view where you think the government basically should never touch business whatsoever."
It's not just Rand Paul.  The entire House GOP Study Committee (which includes the majority of Congressional Republicans) called the $20 billion escrow fund to pay the victims of this disaster "a shakedown."  Republican Ranking Member of the House Energy Committee apologized to BP.  Sharon Angle, the Republican Tea Party candidate challenging Harry Reid in Nevada has called it a "slush fund" (and then backtracked).

These are not all mis-statements.  This is, in fact, the conservative worldview.  They see BP (or any big business being held accountable for harm they do to the public) as the aggrieved party, not the people they have caused harm to.  They do not believe in government holding corporations accountable - even when they cause mayhem.

This is the governing philosophy they will bring to bear if they regain power in November.  Think before you vote, citizen.

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