Angle Pays $600,000 to Shady GOP Direct Mail Company

This is good news - if you are a Democrat, and especially if you are a Nevada Democrat.  It turns out that Nevada's Republican US Senate candidate Sharon Angle doesn't just think that unemployed people are lazy and that social security ought to be phased out.  She is evidently incompetent in running a campaign in a fiscally responsible manner.  She just shelled out $637,000 to Base Connect, a direct mail fundraising firm that has been known to keep 80% to even 95% of the money raised for themselves.

Wow, good going, Sharon!  I mean, who doesn't want to give 80% of their campaign contributions on commission to a shady firm?  Good for you, Sharon.  And it also turns out that Base Connect is also incredible effective at delivering votes:
The classic Base Connect candidates are people you've never heard of like Charles Morse, a Republican who took on Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) in 2008 but dropped out before the general election after getting just 145 votes in the GOP primary. The Boston Globe reported that his longshot campaign took in a staggering $700,000 with the help of Base Connect (then BMW Direct) -- but the firm was paid 96% of the money. Another no-name congressional candidate, a black Republican named Deborah Honeycutt in Georgia, raised gobs of money with Base Connect in 2008 -- and paid the firm gobs of money in return. She went on to lose by 38 points.
Gotta love the fiscal conservatives who can't handle their own campaign cash!  And Democrats owe a debt of thanks to Base Connect.  Thank you, Base Connect!

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