No More Hiatus

I'll start my comeback to blogging with an apology for my nearly 2 and a half month absence. Personal reasons are mostly to blame for my hiatus, and I haven't had much chance to pay attention to too many policy issues in the past two months.

The financial reform legislation in Congress I had planned on covering in detail, and had started to back in April, is very close now to becoming law. Economic and health care issues, including the the financial reform bill, will be front and center on my upcoming coverage. The economic impact of the Gulf oil spill by BP will also have in-depth coverage on this blog. I will also be covering in some detail LGBT issues, including today's address by the President on LGBT pride month.

This is an election year, so elections news is probably something you can expect here. But this blog will not be election/politics central. It will be policy centric, because not only am I a policy wonk, I believe that we elect people to make good policy, whatever their political ramifications.

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