First a few really good readings:
  • If you or someone you know have been hurt by the ex-gay propaganda movement, you may have legal recourse.  This booklet published by Lambda Legal and Truth Wins Out is an essential resource.
  • Michael Konczal of the Roosevelt Institute has the essentials on the current state of financial reform.
  • Paul Krugman talks about fool-proofing financial reform (or, granting less leeway to regulators).
And now a couple of videos:

If you are interested in understanding the current financial meltdown and the reform legislation, I suggest you start with this Rachel Maddow interview with Tim Geithner on the economic collapse:

Ellen-Marie Whelan, Associate Director for Health Policy at the Center for American Progress explains how health reform really works in under 5 minutes.  A must-see.

In related reading, you might consider my Beyond Insurance series on cost measures in health reform.

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