There Goes the Pinko ACLU Again

I doubt there is an organization that right wingers love to hate more than the American Civil Liberties Union.  The ACLU constantly challenges the government's national security powers.  The ACLU is a fierce defender of rights of women and minorities on issues that are anathema the right wing conservatives: supporting reproductive medical choice and abortion, same sex marriage and LGBT equality, and affirmative action, and opposing things like prayer in public schools.

What does not usually get through the thick membranes of the traditional media, though, is the fact that the ACLU is not a fierce defender of liberals but of liberty.  ACLU have defended the civil liberties of conservatives just as well as they have for liberals.  What do you think conservatives would be doing if the ACLU had sent a letter supporting the right of a member of the armed forces to politically openly oppose the Commander in Chief - let's say a President Reagan or a President Bush?  I reckon they wouldn't take it too lightly.  But that is exactly what has happened under President Obama.
SAN DIEGO – A Camp Pendleton Marine [Sgt. Gary Stein] has relaunched his Facebook page after taking it down briefly when his criticism of President Barack Obama grabbed the attention of his superior and fueled a free speech debate among the military.
And guess whose side the ACLU landed on?  In favor of the Democratic President's right to shut off a right wing Marine (for the record the White House did not at all intervene in the matter, the Marine's superiors did).  Think again.
The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter urging the Marine Corps to protect Stein's rights.

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