McCain agrees with Biden, denounces maverick-hood

Hey, did you hear?  John McCain isn't a maverick.  No, no, not just now just because he's got a primary challenge from the right.  Not at all!  He was never a maverick.  Never ever ever.  Never.  Ever.  John McCain said so!  I mean, sure, John McCain campaigned almost exclusively on the maverick image of himself and half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in 2008, but don't let what he said a year and a half ago confuse you.  As Newsweek reports:
Many of the GOP's most faithful, the kind who vote in primaries despite 115-degree heat, tired long ago of McCain the Maverick, the man who had crossed the aisle to work with Democrats on issues like immigration reform, global warming, and restricting campaign contributions. "Maverick" is a mantle McCain no longer claims; in fact, he now denies he ever was one. "I never considered myself a maverick,"
You see, Joe Biden was right to begin with when he said of John McCain "a maverick he is not."

But, it seems that McCain's former running mate, former half-term governor of Alaska and current Fox Newsmodel, Sarah Palin didn't get the memo (as usual).  Look what she did stumping for John McCain just the other week.  She told the gathered tea party crowd:
Let's send the maverick back to the United States Senate!
Noooo, Sarah!  What are you doing?

Ok, ok.  Maybe John McCain just doesn't remember the 2008 campaign - after all, who can blame him for wanting to forget the most humiliating electoral defeat of his life?  But something makes me think he actually didn't forget the campaign.  Oh, yeah, this:

So no, McCain definitely hasn't forgotten about the 2008 election.  In fact, he seems to be in fairly sharp memory of the rhetoric during the campaign.  So what else could it have been?  I mean, we have McCain-approved ads from McCain's own presidential campaign calling him a maverick.  John McCain, the Republican standard bearer of 2008, would never lie either now or then, would he?  It seems he would, in order to save his Senate seat in the face of the crazy wing of the Republican party taking it over.

On the bright side, this purity junket taking over the Republican party may be one of the factors contributing to Republicans performing worse than expected in November (by no means, though will it be the only factor.  Can you say Michael Steele?).

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