Today's readings and videos

I know I haven't done one of these in a while.  But here are today's.  First, as usual, the readings:
  • Benefits of health reform that kick in almost immediately.
  • This incredibly insightful and informative diary on criminal justice on Daily Kos.  I am no policy expert on criminal justice, and by adding this to the reading list, not trying to take positions on particular issues exposed.
  • The President's Executive Order affirming that health reform is about health care, not abortion.
  • Ezra Klein speaks out against fear mongering and threats of violence.
And now, for the videos:

Chris Matthews, the host of Hardball on MSNBC, had some great comments about Vice President Biden tonight - and I agree wholeheartedly. Watch.

Joe Biden is as genuine a person as anyone can have the fortune of meeting. As a country, we are no less fortunate to have him as Vice President than we are to have Barack Obama as President. "As good an American as they come in these days" indeed. We salute you, Mr. Vice President.

On a hilarious re-mix of the 'Yes We Can' video during the campaign, the Republican governing philosophy is revealed.  Enjoy "Hell no, we can't!"

Last, but certainly not least, Bart Stupak is finding out the hard way that anti-choice extremists are not his friends, even if he counts himself among them.

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Hope you have learned from and enjoyed this reading and video list!

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