Senate Republicans decide to claw the chalkboard

Talk about sore losers.  It turns out that the Republicans in the Senate have found a couple of trivial provisions in the reconciliation package improving the new landmark health care reform law.  The offending provisions were found in the education portion of the bill, and have essentially no budgetary or policy impact.
[...] Republicans identified parliamentary problems with at least two provisions; correcting them will require that the House vote again to approve the measure.[...]

The flaws identified by Republicans were in the education section in the bill and did not appear to endanger the eventual adoption of the changes to the health care legislation.

[...] one of the provisions in question involved changes to the Pell grant program for college students from low-income families. The bill would establish an automatic increase in grant awards, tied to inflation; the disputed provision would prevent any reductions in the maximum award.
Thanks for the stall tactic, Republicans.  But their victory is short-lived, and the House will take up the minutely amended measure right after the Senate and will pass it just as they did on Sunday.  The final vote on the package, after having the two items stricken, just passed on a 56-43 margin.  The final House vote is next.

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Not so fast, Mr. Cantor. GOP can't avoid responsibility.

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