Now that the House of Representatives has passed sweeping health care reform in two steps - first passing the Senate-passed bill and following it up with improvements in a budget reconciliation bill that can pass in the Senate through majority rule (instead of being subject to a 60 vote threshold), one last step remains - passing this last reconciliation package of improvements through the Senate.  To that end, I am going to keep a running tally members of the Senate Democratic caucus who are for, undecided and against or this reconciliation bill.  Why just Democrats and allies?  Because Republicans have checked out of the process, and done so in bad faith.

Here is the list in two categories: supporters and opponents/undecideds as of now.  I will update as often as new information is available.  Some of the names on the list makes the following assumption: Senators who are on the record supporting a public option under reconciliation are obviously open to reconciliation.  With that, here are the names:

Supports/clearly open to reconciliation (52):
  1. Daniel Akaka (HI) - supports reconciliation.
  2. Max Baucus (MT) - supports reconciliation.
  3. Evan Bayh (IN) - open to reconciliation.
  4. Mark Begich (AK) - certainly open to of reconciliation.
  5. Michael Bennett (CO) - author of the letter urging a public option in reconciliation, pushing for reconciliation.  Actively supportive of reconciliation.
  6. Jeff Bingaman (NM) - positively explains reconciliation process on his website.  Supporter.
  7. Barbara Boxer (CA) - supports reconciliation, went on Rachel Maddow to floor Republican arguments against it.
  8. Sherrod Brown (OH) - one of the four original signatory to the public option letter, expressed confidence back in late January that Senate would use reconciliation. Supporter.
  9. Roland Burris (IL) - supports reconciliation.
  10. Robert Byrd (WV) - the author of the Byrd rule, Sen. Byrd supports reconciliation to improve health reform.
  11. Maria Cantwell (WA) - supports reconciliation.
  12. Benjamin Cardin (MD) - open to and supports reconciliation.
  13. Tom Carper (DE) - certainly seems to be in favor of using an agreed-upon reconciliation bill without further changes.
  14. Bob Casey (PA) - in favor of reconciliation.
  15. Kent Conrad (ND) - after having his comments misinterpreted last month, the Chairman of the Budget Committee is open to reconciliation.
  16. Chris Dodd (CT) - supported the public option under reconciliation.
  17. Byron Dorgan (ND) - supports reconciliation, author of drug reimportation.
  18. Dick Durbin (IL) - majority whip, leading the charge on reconciliation.
  19. Russ Feingold (WI) - supports reconciliation, said Senators won't leave DC without passing reconciliation.
  20. Dianne Feinstein (CA) - supports reconciliation, confident of Senate passage.
  21. Al Franken (MN) - supports reconciliation.
  22. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) - supports reconciliation.
  23. Tom Harkin (IA) - supports reconciliation.
  24. Daniel Inouye (HI) - supports reconciliation.
  25. Tim Johnson (SD) - supports reconciliation, a heavy lift considering he's from South Dakota. (reinforcement calls)
  26. Edward Kaufman (DE) - Biden's replacement, supports reconciliation.
  27. John Kerry (MA) - supports reconciliation.
  28. Amy Klobuchar (MN) - supports reconciliation.
  29. Herb Kohl (WI) - supports reconciliation.
  30. Mary Landrieu (LA) - sounding support for reconciliation.
  31. Frank Lautenberg (NJ) - supportive of public option and reconciliation.
  32. Patrick Leahy (VT) - supports reconciliation.
  33. Carl Levin (MI) - signed public option via reconciliation letter.  Supporter.
  34. Bob Menendez (NJ) - DSCC Chair, supports reconciliation.
  35. Jeff Merkley (OR) - supports reconciliation.
  36. Barbara Mikulski (MD) - signed public option via reconciliation letter.  Supporter.
  37. Patty Murray (WA) - leading the charge on reconciliation.
  38. Bill Nelson (FL) - supported public option under reconciliation, supports reconciliation.
  39. Mark Pryor (AR) - considering reconciliation, says it might be the only way.  A little push can do the job. (target)
  40. Jack Reed (RI) - supported public option under reconciliation.  Supporter.
  41. Harry Reid (NV) - majority leader, spearheading Senate's reconciliation efforts, told House Democrats on Saturday he has the commitment of a majority.
  42. John Rockefeller (WV) - supporter, said that if he is asked, he would sign a letter promising reconciliation.
  43. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) - early supporter of reconciliation, admirable commitment to pass reconciliation bill without changes to screw it up.
  44. Chuck Schumer (NY) - leading the charge on reconciliation.
  45. Jeanne Shaheen (NH) - said would vote for reconciliation with a public option.  Supports reconciliation.
  46. Arlen Specter (PA) - supports reconciliation.
  47. Debbie Stabenow (MI) - supports reconciliation.
  48. Jon Tester (MT) - supports reconciliation.
  49. Mark Udall (CO) - backed Bennett's letter on public option, supports reconciliation.
  50. Tom Udall (NM) - another supporter of the public option through reconciliation.
  51. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) - supports reconciliation.
  52. Ron Wyden (OR) - signed onto the Bennett letter, supports reconciliation.
Opposes/undecided/iffy on reconciliation (7):
  1. Kay Hagan (NC) - sounds reluctantly open to reconciliation.  She is being lobbied by the teabaggers against it.
  2. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) - undecided on reconciliation.
  3. Blanche Lincoln (AR) - opposes reconciliation.
  4. Claire McCaskill (MO) - reports point to leaning, but I can find no definite reports or statements.  Obama did a fundraiser for her earlier this month.
  5. Ben Nelson (NE) - now opposing reconciliation to try to protect student loan sharks banks in Nebraska.
  6. Mark Warner (VA) - I can find nothing specific in terms of an indication of support or opposition, but Warner was one of the Senators who expressed concerns about the student loan provisions in the reconciliation bill.
  7. Jim Webb (VA) - No specific indications, but Webb is also one of the senators that expressed concerns over the student loan provisions, and has been under pressure from his home state of Virginia.
Kay Hagan basically can be counted in either list, but until there is a more definitive statement from her, I am going to keep her in the 'undecided' category.  Claire McCaskill, in my judgment, is also a likely 'yes' vote for reconciliation, but again, I am going to err on the side of undecided.  Lieberman might not be a lost cause on this.  Virginia is a volatile state, and Warner and Webb will need a lot of pressure to get into a firm 'yes' category.  Blanche Lincoln declared her opposition early, but she should hear from progressives.  She also has a primary opponent - Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.

Basically right now we stand between 52 and 55 votes for reconciliation, and between 4 and 7 against it.
Open Left also has a whip count re: Senate Democrats on reconciliation (as well as the public option, which is now moot).  Their count currently shows 53 votes for reconciliation.

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