No there there on Pelosi Re: Massa

The GOP is running around whining about Eric Massa (until recently, Glenn Beck's darling) and tying him to Pelosi.  They want the House Ethics Committee to re-open their investigation into Ex-Congressman Massa's behavior (an investigation that died with the resignation of Ex-Rep. Massa).  Their big point of attack is really Speaker Pelosi.  They want to tar and feather her with Massa.  I'm sure that to that extent, they are going to be touting around a Politico report, titled "Nancy Pelosi aide knew of Eric Massa Concerns in October."  ZOMG!! Didja hear?  Nancy Pelosi knew!

Except, not so.  Here's what you find when you go beyond the headline:
There is no indication that anyone in Pelosi’s office knew of allegations that Massa, a Democrat from New York, had improper physical contact with aides until February, when Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office was informed of the accusations and shared them with a senior Pelosi staffer.

But a Pelosi aide told POLITICO on Wednesday evening that Massa’s chief of staff, Joe Racalto, informed a member of Pelosi’s “member services” operation in October that Massa was living with several aides, had hired too many staff members and used foul language around his staff.
To repeat, there was no formal complaint filed with the Speaker's office. One aide to a freshman Congressman told another aide of the Speaker that Massa was using the F-bomb a lot.  Yes, because the Speaker has no better thing to do than to run to the Ethics Committee (or perhaps the Republicans would prefer the Capitol Police) every time someone tells an aide of her, "Congressman XYZ is saying too many swear words!!!"  You understand that members of Congress are Pelosi's colleagues, not her children.

Plus, while Republicans are moaning and whining and crying foul, they weren't so outraged while Massa was still in the House and Pelosi said she heard rumors but no formal complaints.  There was no big crusade then. Now suddenly they see a late opportunity to attack the Speaker, and it's not because they think it's legitimate.  They want to weaken her personally so that Democrats can't pass legislation.

That's all.  John Boehner can go back to oranging himself in his tanning bed now.

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