MoveOn: anti-reform Democrats will be held accountable

MoveOn Political Action is up to something.  It's up to what it does best - political and electoral activism.  And they have a message for Democrats who would like to defeat health care reform: we're watching you.  It's not an empty threat, either.  MoveOn's members - myself included - are pledging dollar amounts we are willing to give to stage primary challenges to any House Democrat who votes against reform.  Here's MoveOn's message:
Democrats in the House need to know their constituents are watching how they vote on the health care reform that we've all worked so hard for. Make a pledge now so we can let the media, House leadership, and conservative Democrats know how much support there will be for progressive primary challengers to House Democrats who vote against health care reform.
I applaud MoveOn Political Action for doing this, and I urge everyone to sign up.  This is an once-in-a-century opportunity to strengthen America's social safety net, provide health insurance and real health care for the American people, and to rein in the health insurance industry.  With the largest majorities in a generation in Congress, Democrats must deliver.  No regional or ideological interest should stand in the way of doing what is right for the American people - and that is to pass this bill.

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