Kucinich will vote with Republicans again on health reform

It's hardly a surprise, but the leader of the left puritans, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio, will vote with the Republicans on health reform.  He already has, once, when he voted 'No' on the House health bill.  As President Obama marked a leadership moment on health reform yesterday morning, Dennis Kucinich found time to go on C-Span and poo-poo the idea of current health reform, because, you know, it's not picture Kucinich PerfectTM.  Dennis' big argument against the health care bill?  That without a robust public option (i.e. Medicare-rate based public option), the bill does not reform the fundamental for-profit system, and thus, I assume, in Kucinich's judgment, we would be better off without health reform than with.

Here is the President calling for Congress to act with courage and finally deliver on health reform:

And here is Congressman Kucinich, spreading the idea that without a fundamental structural overhaul of the American health care system, expansion of coverage to 31 million more Americans, insurance regulations, and expansion of Medicaid and Community Health Centers are all too small for him to vote for. Then he goes one step further and uses the Republican right wing tea party talking point that Congress ought to "slow down" and not "force something down our throat."

Once again, here's the money quote:
The American people right now are saying slow down, don't go trying to force something down our throats.
Sound familiar? This is what the Republican talking point has been since 6 months ago, probably longer. Really, Dennis? Force something down our throat? We have been trying to get health care done for the better part of a century and you want us to slow down? We have been debating the current legislation for more than a year and you think that's forcing it down people's throats? It's one thing to oppose the legislation - which is bad enough - it's quite another step in crazy-land to adopt right wing talking points. Stop it, Dennis.

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