Kucinich doing the right thing, voting for health reform

Last week, I took Rep. Dennis Kucinich's (D-OH) to task for his opposition health care reform.  Given how close the vote in the House is likely to be, Rep. Kucinich has been lobbied hard by the Congressional Democratic leadership and President Obama, all culminating in a visit by the President to Kucinich's district in a rally wildly in favor of the President's vision of health reform, where attendants urged the Congressman to vote YES.

To his great credit, Kucinich has listened, and finally relented.  He announced this morning in a press conference that he will vote for health reform.

This is absolutely a great step for him, and fantastic news for health reform. Just as Kucinich did not retract any of the criticisms of the bill, I do not retract any criticisms of him. However, in this instance, Kucinich is doing the right thing, and he deserves accolades for that. Thank you, Dennis!

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