History made - health care reform passes

Final update @ 11:25pm: After trying for the better part of a century, health care reform finally passes. The President, with the Vice President on his side, marked this momentous occasion for the American people.

Update @ 8:35pm: The House has now passed the reconciliation bill, and thus the entire health reform by a vote of 220-211.  The House is done with its business, and the underlying bill heads for the President's signature.

Update @ 7:45pm: The House just passed the underlying Senate bill on a 219-212 vote.  YESS.

A lot of things have happened today in the House of Representatives, and passage of the health care reform legislation seems assured.  After holding out, Rep. Bart Stupak decided to vote for health care reform, in exchange for an Executive Order by the President clarifying that the Hyde amendment applies to health reform with respect to having no federal funding for elective abortion.  Democrats had the votes even before that, but that secured a solid majority.

Republicans have tried to obstruct in every which way possible.

The Speaker of the House - the Honorable and the immensely great Nancy Pelosi is speaking now before this historic vote!  I will update as often as I can, or see my twitter feed.  She says the legislation is about the American creed of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, as well as opportunity.

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