The news developments about who's going to vote no on the health care reform legislation in the House today and who is going to vote against it have accelerated in the last few days.  Speaker Pelosi has had considerable success in convincing her fellow Democrats to vote for this historic legislation, but the vote counts are still uncertain, and some politicians, it still seems, are more interested in preserving their position in Congress than in delivering health reform to the American people.  Given the unified Republican obstructionism, the bill must pass with Democratic votes alone.

But the constituents and activists who helped these wavering Democrats get elected aren't taking this lightly.  They are telling their elected representatives to do the right thing and deliver for the American people, just as the President did this morning.  Because I am in California, I want to cover a big push in California first.

Roll Call reported last night that Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Orange County) has apparently disappeared from Washington, to some fundraising event in Florida, and that she is being counted as a 'no' vote on the health care reform legislation tomorrow.  Democratic activists across her district area aren't taking no for an answer.  Through the organizing tools provided by Organizing for America, they have swiftly put together a rally for tomorrow morning 11 am PST.  Here's what you can do:
  • If you are a constituent of Ms. Sanchez (CA-47) or live nearby, please attend the rally!  Sign up on OFA, and here is all the relevant info:
    Loretta Sanchez District Office (Santa Ana, CA)
    604 South Harbor Street; Santa Ana, CA 92704
  • If you don't live nearby, or absolutely positively can't make it to the rally, call or fax or email:
    DC office: Phone: (202) 225-2965 • Fax: (202) 225-5859

    District office (please call or fax this office only if you are a constituent): Phone: (714) 621-0102 • Fax: (714) 621-0401

    If you have been a campaign donor or volunteer for her (and not a constituent), you can call her campaign office directly at 714.839.4431 or email them using this form
Let's get Congresswoman Sanchez on board for health care!

But California isn't the only place this is happening in. After they found out that Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania (4th CD) is planning to vote no on health care, the United Steel Workers - the labor movement that put boots on the ground to get Mr. Altmire elected, showed up at his office and protested him letting them and the American people down.

All of Jason Altmire's office contact information is available here. Once again, if you are calling one of the district or satellite offices, please only do so if you are a constituent. If you aren't, please call the Washington, DC office instead. If you are a donor or campaign volunteer who is not a constituent, you can also contact his campaign office.

Let's make history together!

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