Oh, how I remember the days when the progressive online community adored one Jane Hamsher for her website, Fire Dog Lake. She started on the path of deteriorating political and progressive merit soon after, though, and has encapsulated yesterday with two events.

David Weigel of Washington Independent reported that Jane Hamsher is working with at least one teabagger (in this case, a tea-party organizer). She is telling the teabagger what the whip counts are on what she believes to be the "progressive" side.  Jane wrote a piece on her site complaining about it (it's linked from Weigel's article linked here), but not once did she say in her own post that she was not the source for the teabagger.  If she wasn't, why not categorically deny it?  Funnier still, Hamsher gives greater credibility to said teabagger than she does to a respected reporter.  That tells us exactly where her priorities and loyalties lie.  With the Teabaggers.

I think that makes it official: we can now call Jane Hamsher and her blind followers official Firebaggers.

Second, quite laughably, now that the last holdout member of the House Progressive Caucus, Dennis Kucinich, seems poised to drop his opposition and vote for health care reform, Ms. Hamsher promises to ask for a refund of $16,000 her readers have given to Dennis Kucinich's campaign.  A refund of the money which she didn't even give most - if any - of.  Here's a concept, Jane, leave it to the people who gave the money to ask for it back.  Okay?

Looking back though, it was all kind of on a set course for her, really.  With the current health care debate, her wheels started coming off back in December when it became clear that a public health insurance option would not be included in the Senate's health care bill.  Then she lost it just a little bit more by allying with anti-government far-right wing activist Grover Norquist to call for the resignation of the White House Chief of Staff.  See, there was also this one time I remember when Jane Hamsher said:
Hamsher: Fox is not a news outlet, it’s an openly partisan opinion factory and the Democrats should not be legitimizing them (and allowing them to recruit Democratic viewers to propagandize to) by doing this.
Then of course, the One True Crusader Jane Hamsher went on Fox Noise to prove her commitment to her battle tested principles self-serving values:

Well, I guess that's where it all started. And now look where we are. She

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