In the last few hours, news just hit that Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA-9th), who voted for the House health care bill in November, is going to vote against the current health care legislation. The switch, ostensibly, is because he doesn't believe the Senate bill does enough to pressure insurance companies. Apparently, the excise tax on high-priced insurance plans that could affect some union health plans is also a reason for Rep. Lynch to switch to a 'no' vote, and endanger health reform altogether, even though unions themselves have been lobbying him heavily to vote on the right side of history, to pass health reform.

We can't spare any votes. We need every last one of them. And for Rep. Lynch to be willing to stand by and watch health reform fail is unacceptable. Rep. Lynch must reverse course and vote in favor of health reform. And he needs to hear from all of us - especially constituents, but I don't really care where you are from. Here is is contact information for all of his offices:
Washington Office
221 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(phone) 202-225-8273 (fax) 202-225-3984
Boston Office
88 Black Falcon Avenue, Suite 340
Boston, MA 02210
(phone) 617-428-2000 (fax) 617-428-2011
Brockton Office
155 West Elm Street, Suite 200
Brockton, MA 02301
(phone) 508-586-5555 (fax) 508-580-4692
If you are a constituent, please call one of the district offices.  If you are near any of the three offices and have the time to pay a visit, do so.  Do everything you can to get him back on board.

The Congressman is threatening to vote against health reform that will:
  • Cover 32 million additional Americans with health insurance
  • $11 billion investment in community health centers, plus $1.5 billion for the National Health Corps
  • Extend Medicaid to 133% of federal poverty line
  • Provide greater federal funding to states for Medicaid
  • Strengthen Medicare and rein in Medicare Advantage private payments
  • Eliminate pre-existing conditions and impose a host of other insurance regulations
  • Save the budget $138 billion by 2019
and much, much more.  A vote against this bill is a vote for the status quo.  An unsustainable status quo.  The people Rep. Lynch cares most about - the poor, the middle class and the uninsured - stand to gain the most from this legislation.

Quite frankly, as Dennis Kucinich said yesterday, if he can vote for the bill, not too many people on our side should have reason not to.  To his tremendous credit, Congressman Kucinich isn't just voting for the bill, he is whipping votes for it.  We need to help Dennis round up the votes on the progressive side.  Call Rep. Lynch now. Because the consequences of inaction should be crystal clear to all of us, and especially to Congressman Lynch:

Reform can't wait. Pass the bill. Rep. Lynch, please look at the faces this bill will help and vote 'yes.'

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