Better Democrats: Bill Halter will challenge Blanche Lincoln

Recently, Arkansas Conserva-Dem Sen. Blanche Lincoln's question to President Obama at the Democratic Senators' meeting was whether the President was ready to stick it to his fellow Democrats.  Today, Lt. Governor Bill Halter of Arkansas, a real and far better Democrat, declared his intention to challenge Blanche Lincoln.

Bill Halter showed up at the Arkansas free health clinic, Blanche Lincoln did not.  It's time for her to go.  We need more and better Democrats in the Senate, and Bill Halter is the real deal.  Visit Bill Halter for Senate, donate, and do whatever you can for him.  We have a real chance here to elect a principled Democrat instead of a corporate hack.

In other Senate news, Charlie Crist in Florida is frantically denying that he is thinking about quitting the Republican party and running for Florida Senate as an independent.  Crist is getting clobbered by teabagger Marco Rubio in the race.  In the mean time, a real progressive Democrat is running for that seat as well, Congressman Kendrick Meek.

In happy news from New York, carpetbagger Harold Ford won't be running for Senate.

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