Sarah Palin: Is *Alaska* still beacon of hope?

No, that wasn't a typo.  Last night, Sarah Palin, the former half-term governor of Alaska and serious foreign and domestic policy feather-weight, was the featured speaker at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee.  I don't usually go around listening to Teabaggers or to Sarah Palin for that matter, but for kicks, I wanted to hear what she's sayin' this days.  Of her many insanities, a few drew my attention.  Because I find incredible value when right wing lunacy accompanies comedy, I was rather amused to hear her say, amidst taking other run-of-the-mill potshots at President Obama's foreign policy about 14 and a half minutes into her speech:
...around the world, people who are seeking freedom from oppressive regimes wonder if Alaska is still that beacon of hope for their cause.
But more importantly, is Sarah Palin still Lady Liberty?

I don't know, Sarah, why don't you ask your husband, a former member of the separatist Alaska Independence Party?  You know, the secessionists whose convention you greeted as governor?  Was it a Freudian slip on Palin's part?  Who knows.  Palin has never been particularly keen on the idea of American diversity; this much we know.  To hear her father tell it, she left Hawaii because there were too many Asians and Pacific Islanders there.

Of course, Sarah I-don't-know-why-there-are-two-Korea's Palin's attacks at the President's foreign policy did not either begin or end there.  Before she ever got to her Alaska-as-liberty-island slip, Palin excoriated the President and his administration for trying and questioning the Christmas day underpants bomber under the civilian court system instead of treating him as part of the enemy in the war on terror.  There was 50 minutes of questioning, said Sister Sarah, and then we read him his rights.  That's not all.  He then "used his right to remain silent."  Umm.  About that, I know you read a lot of newspapers, Sarah - any of them, all of them that are put in front of you - but did you miss a story?  Abdul Mutallab not only gave the FBI a lot of good intelligence before he was, you know, read his rights, right now, FBI tells us that he is singing.

But of course, what good conservative undermining of American jurisprudence would be complete without mocking Obama's knowledge of Constitutional law?  What convention of people proclaiming their undying love for the American Constitution wouldn't want to hear about how silly it is to apply the Constitution?  About a minute or so before her Alaskan Beacon of HopeTM flap, Ms. What-does-the-VP-do-everyday quipped,
We meed a Commander in Chief, not a professor of law.
Yes, God forbid we have a president who used to teach the Constitution to university students rather than running around having "youthful indiscretions" at age 40.  But even more importantly, Sarah Palin does not understand a basic tenet of American democracy: the President is Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces by the virtue of being President, not the other way around.  Our country believes in and our Constitution codifies civilian control of the military, not military control of the civilian government.  Although, given Sarah Palin's understanding of what the Vice Presidential job description, it's not exactly a surprise that she is clueless about the President's job description as well.

You see, Sarah Palin is famous for her foreign policy credentials.  So much so that she learned all that stuff n stuff about foreign policy without even having a passport until 2006.  And that's not all.  She's also a domestic and tax policy guru.  As such, she told her worshipers how small businesses should get tax cuts to create jobs.  I am left wondering, though, that nobody told her about the big amounts of tax breaks that small businesses got under the Recovery Act.  She also did not seem to know or care about the President's plan to redirect $30 billion TARP (bank bailout) money for a small business loan program administered through community banks.  The new jobs bill, likely to land in the $100-150 billion range, is also poised to deliver major small business assistance and tax credits, including a $5,000 tax credit for every new job created by small business.  The House jobs bill, already passed, delivers permanent estate tax relief for small business, and provides $354 billion for small business loan guarantees through the Small Business Administration.  Sarah Palin, are you paying attention?

As the resident domestic and economic policy dittohead and Leader of The People, she demanded consequences for bankers who were bailed out by taxpayer dollars and are now paying bonuses t themselves.  Well, I guess that means she is signing on with the President's proposal to slap a fee on the largest banks so we can get all our money back.  I mean, there were even more indications for it in her speech.  She bragged about how when the "good ol' boys" were making backroom deals that were benefiting the oil companies, she punished them.  Well it turns out that at least part of that punishment was a windfall tax on oil companies that allowed Palin to cut a $1200 check to every Alaskan (aka socialist redistribution of wealth Reaganite capitalism).  For some reason, though, I can't find her statement Facebook post pushing for this bank fee.  Nor did she pitch it in her speech to the Torch and Pitchfork Crowd.  But maybe she'll write a book about it, and Newsmax will give it away for free.

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