Lawrence O'Donnell, pundit and contributor to the Huffington Post and former Senate Democratic stuffer is very fond of touting his Senate creds and telling everyone about where Congress is and what the Senate does and what has no chance of.  On Friday, O'Donnell guest hosted The Ed Show on MSNBC and in that show, he went on a great diatribe showing his mastery of legislative procedure and accused Congressional Democrats of wanting to kill their own health care bill.  Thankfully, Congressman Elijah Cummings set him straight:

But how do you know who to believe?  Well, I will give you one advice: don't believe Lawrence O'Donnell.  He has gone on TV before, spouted out his great knowledge of the Senate procedures and eaten crow forthwith.  Not that he ever admits to being wrong.  Unfortunately for him, though, MSNBC makes transcripts of its shows available.  Guest hosting for Keith Olberman on MSNBC, O'Donnell freaked out on December 11, 2009, after, of course, the usual chest-thumping about him being an ex-staffer of the Senate.
O‘DONNELL:  Thirteen -- 13 shopping days until Christmas.  There is no chance that the United States Senate is going to deliver you a bill before Christmas...
Here's what happened on Christmas eve morning in the Senate:

Will this teach Lawrence O'Donnell not to make a fool out of himself by taking his Senate staffer experience chest-thumping for a spin ever again?  Probably not.  But I hope it will teach you not to trust the garbage that comes out of that man's mouth about what is and isn't possible in terms of moving bills in Congress.

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