How long would it take to pass a health care bill, if Congress decided to do it?  Twenty four hours.  How is that possible?  Because that's all it would take for the House to pass the bill that has already passed the Senate.  Ezra Klein explained on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show on Monday:

Yes, a limited bill to improve the Senate bill can be, and should be passed through reconciliation, but the bottom line is that it's up to the House now.  Reconciliation is very limited in its scope, and as for those pushing for a public option in reconciliation, it remains a pipe dream with only 18 senators signing on in a letter in favor of it, and a 100-some House members (nowhere even close to what is needed for passage).

So, once again, the ball is in the House's court now.  They need to pass the Senate bill first, and then move forward with a fix process.  If they decide to do it - pass the Senate bill - we can have health care reform in 24 hours.  Twenty-four hours.

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