Visit your House member's local office this weekend

We cannot let health care reform die because of an election gone haywire in Massachusetts.  There is a lot of chatter going on in Washington, DC, talking about how health care reform is dead now that Republicans have the 41 votes needed to block the measure from coming to the floor were it to return.  So that leaves one avenue open: pass the Senate bill through the House and have the President sign it.  Then, start the reconciliation process to pass improvement measures by 51 votes in the Senate.

Some Democratic members of Congress seem to be getting the wrong message from Tuesday's election.  People want boldness and leadership, not timidity and 'pause' button.  You can deliver that message personally to your member of Congress.  This is the weekend, and your member will be home for the weekend.  At their local office.  You can find the your member of the House at  Once you do, visit the office over the weekend.  Tell their staffers that you want the Senate bill passed in the House and sent to the President.

Your voice is needed right now.  If you can visit your member's office, great.  If not, call the Capital switch board at (202) 224-3121 and tell your member of the House that they must pass the Senate bill as is and start working on fixing it through reconciliation on a parallel track.  See Elise's excellent diary on Daily Kos for more info.  After you call your House member, call the switchboard back and ask to talk to your Senators' offices.  When you get them, tell them to pledge their votes for a reconciliation bill that will fix and improve on the health care bill.  You can also find contact information about your Senator at

I don't have to tell you what's at stake here.  You know what is at stake.  31 million people who would get health insurance under this bill are stake.  The lives of 45,000 people who die every year due to the lack of health insurance are at stake.  The lives of 100,000 people who die from preventable illness are at stake.  Your health insurance costs are at stake.  The guarantee that your insurance company won't be able to drop you or jack up your rates just because you got sick is at stake.  The very concept of health care as a right instead of a privilege is at stake.  Fight for health care as a right.  Fight for America.  Fight for health care.  Fight for this:

Don't let the dream die.

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This is why I have the President's back

Dylan Ratigan, Busted