This is why I have the President's back

If the Republicans were hoping for a timid, scared Democratic president after their victory in Massachusetts, they can kiss their wish goodbye.  President Obama has gotten the right message from that election.  Voters did not reject Barack Obama, and we did not lose Ted Kennedy's seat because we did not retreat enough.  Republicans exploited the anger and fears, and Barack Obama won't have any of it.  Retreat is not an option.  The President took his fight right to the people yesterday, in Ohio.  I can't do him the injustice of showing just clips, so here is the speech, in its entirety, including the Question and Answer:

Watch it. It might remind you of why this man is the President.  "I won't stop fighting," roared the president 14 times.  This is why we elected him.  We did not elect him to sit there and look pretty.  We did not elect him so he could pick his battles according to polls.  We did not elect him to avoid tough issues.  We elected him to fight for ordinary Americans to have a fair shot, and that's what he's doing.  The hits he has taken are amazing.  Health care has gotten maligned and made caricature of while people keep dying from the lack of health insurance.  This president will not stop fighting for it until he gets it done.  He is fighting for jobs, a clean energy economy, and Wall Street regulatory reform, so that never again do we have to put taxpayers on the line to save the banking system.

He has taken on the tough issues, and he's suffered political capital for it.  But as he says, it's not about him, it's about us.  And indeed it is.

This president is fighting for us.  And I, for one, have his back.  I have his back because he's got mine.

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