I'm not buyin' what FDL is sellin'

There sits a diary on the recommended list on Daily Kos that tries to spread the idea that FDL supports Coakley, by citing this article on their front page. And to be fair, it does start off that way.
Just so there’s absolutely no ambiguity, let me get something out of the way: Democrats and progressives and anyone who doesn’t want crazy people running the country should get off their asses tomorrow and vote early and often for Coakley.
But the title of the article makes it clear that their goal is not to push for Martha Coakley, but take the opportunity to state nominal support for Coakley in order to bash President Obama.  The article goes on to slam the President for supposedly going in bed with Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies (the latter two in the health care bill).  The article goes after the president for the individual mandate.  To me, that article is about bashing the President, and not about electing Coakley.  The Coakley portion of it was entirely C.Y.A.

The FDL article right above it on the FDL front page?  Titled "If Coakley Loses, Revive Reconciliation," it extols the virtues of reconciliation if Coakley loses.  If FDL, as they claim, supports Coakley, why clutter your front page with what the Democrats should do IF she loses instead of directing your efforts to electing her?  What's the point?  Couldn't that article go up tomorrow, after the election results?

Consider this: FDL has been a big supporter of reconciliation from the get-go.  The hardest pusher of reconciliation has been none other than Jane Hamsher herself.  Here are but a few examples of FDL and Co. pushing reconciliation:
A Coakley win dims the possibility of reconciliation, as the House and the Senate will continue to be able to negotiate.  And now all of a sudden, we're supposed to believe that FDL is talking about reconciliation only if Coakley loses.  All of a sudden, now we're supposed to believe, because they pay lip service to Coakley, that they really badly want Coakley to win.  All of a sudden, we're supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt that they refuse to give the President.

Suddenly, we're supposed to believe FDL's lip service to Coakley (without putting any resources to the campaign or any direction to resources, except a link to her campaign web site), because Jane Hamsher and FDL always do what they say:
Jane Hamsher:  Fox is not a news outlet, it’s an openly partisan opinion factory and the Democrats should not be legitimizing them (and allowing them to recruit Democratic viewers to propagandize to) by doing this.
So, of course, this is the natural next step:

So you all will forgive me if I'm not buyin' what FDL is sellin.'

Before I end,  if you are doing anything today, you need to help Coakley win!
  • If you are in MA, go walk, get out the vote door-to-door.  Go to her website 
  • Make calls from home through Organizing for America
  • Call your family and friends in Mass and get them to vote.
  • Donate money if you can, and donate time like you must, because you must.

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GOTV for Coakley today!

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