As you all know, Haiti has been devastated by a 7.0 earthquake, which struck on January 13.  Relief efforts quickly kicked into gear, but up to 500,000 people may be dead.  The destruction is breathtaking, and the pain of Haitians are felt by every person with a heart.

First things first.  How you can help: USAID has a list of relief efforts and organizations you can donate to.  Monetary contributions are most valuable and most needed.

I have a personal ask that you give to UNICEF - children are the worst affected and the most in need.

But whomever you give to, please give.  Give $10 if you can.  Give $10,000 if you can.  Just give something.

And I will leave you with the President's remarks.  He has promised $100 million in aide to Haiti already, and there will be more.  This is one thing we can all be united behind our President for.

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