Google should leave China, and you should buy stock in Google

As you know, Google has finally gotten fed up with the Chinese censorship and more importantly to it, Chinese snooping operations on its servers, and threatened to leave China.  Good for Google, I say.  Google should leave China.  Yes, the Chinese online population is growing fast, and it's an emerging market.  But China has quite a bit to lose if Google leaves.  The tax revenue, the jobs, the investments Google makes.  Not to mention, the access to the world's most popular - and best search engine.  Besides, Google should not be party to censorship, or more ominously, an unwitting party to China finding and persecuting political dissidents.

This is a courageous step by Google, and it should be rewarded by investors.  If you are an investor, buy Google stock!  Do some investing based on your values, do some good.

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