Fox blacks out Obama as he mops the floor with House GOP

President Obama went to the House Republican Policy retreat today to talk to them and answer questions one-on-one.  The President mesmerized with intellect, honesty, mastery of policy and sincerity with no talking points or teleprompter during the Q&A session.  The White House insisted on televising both the President's speech and the Q&A session be televised.  So of course, like the cowards they are Fox Noise ran from the coverage in the middle of the President speaking.  Watch:

Luckily, MSNBC happens to have the whole thing on tape, so you can watch it.  I could tell you that the President delivered a smackdown, disarmed and schooled the Republicans, and give you my analysis.  But that's just not going to do in this instance.  So you are going to need about an hour and a half and watch this yourself.  Watch and marvel at the intellectual prowess and the ability of the President to drive the point home for the American people.

Here's the President's speech:

And here is the question-and-answer session:

This is why I am so proud to call this man my President.

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