For a long while now, Democrats and progressives have been squabbling amongst ourselves about what is and isn't acceptable in a health care bill. Why a bill should be killed. Why another should be saved. Why (insanely, in my view), liberals like Bernie Sanders must be taken out of office (and presumably, replaced by Jane Hamsher).

But I want to remind us why we are where we are today. Why did we have to stand at the edge of history and negotiate/capitulate some of that history away to Joe Lieberman? To Ben Nelson? Why did we even need their votes?

Because a whole political party decided to check out of the process, and throw monkey wrenches into it.

It all started here:

Let me remind you why we are here. Why we made history, but a compromised history. Here's why:

The demonization of the president and any sort of health insurance reform. Equating the attempt to help people with piles of dead bodies in Nazi Germany. Calls for open rebellion against the United States government. As far as I'm concerned, *Treason.*

And this:

Guns at presidential events:


Death panels. Czar attack. Teabagging parties. Militia groups. Bigotry. Racism. Anti-semitism. Witch hunts. McCarthyism. Open death threats against the Speaker of the House.

This is today's Republican right wing, people. This is what we have been up against.

All of this culminated in exactly zero Republican votes for the Senate health care and exactly one Republican vote for the House bill. The Grand Obstructionist Party did everything they could everything. Our margin of error was zero. We needed all 60 Democrats to stay together to break the rein of terror imposed by a party that has gone so far off to the right, they are unrecognizable. They have no goal other than to take out a young promise and a young president.

What happened this morning was not just historic policy. It was historic achievement in breaking their iron fist and an historic defeat of the political ideology of hatred.

Let's not lose our sight as to how we got here. There are plenty of Democrats to blame. I would like to get in Joe Lieberman's face and tell him to go screw himself. I would like to flip the bird to Ben Nelson. But even they voted for something. Republicans? They stood against everything. Everything. Not on any policy grounds. Simply to destroy the president.

Let us never forget.

Happy Holidays.

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