Dear Joe, Please Become a Republican

Dear Senator Lieberman,

You were the first Jewish American to be nominated on a major political party's presidential ticket. History was made, and barriers were broken. By the Democratic party. This honor was bestowed upon you by the party that has championed civil rights and workers' rights for the better part of a century. This honor was bestowed upon you by the party that is responsible for social security and Medicare. This honor was given to you by the party of the working people.

You ran for President, four years later in 2004 with the promise of universal health care. You ran on the rhetoric of "Don't you think we'd be a lot better off today if Al Gore and I were elected to the White House instead of Bush and Cheney?"

But the tide turned when you were challenged and defeated for the Democratic nomination for your re-election to the Senate in 2006. You threw a tantrum like a 5 year old whose candy had been taken away because the Democratic voters of your state exercised their small-d democratic rights and picked Ned Lamont to represent them. You, like a spoiled 5 year old with a tantrum, refused to abide by the results of the primary in which you chose to run. You got on the ballot with the party of "Connecticut from Lieberman", and won with Republican and some old-school Democratic votes. Even in that election, you promised not only to caucus with the Democrats, but to work your hardest to end the war in Iraq, to work for Democratic priorities and to work hard to elect a Democratic president.

But of course, your holiness works in mysterious ways. You could not be counted on to keep any of the promises. Why would we expect you to? You betrayed the democratic process in your own primary for the sake of senatorial power. I'd compare you to a snake, but I don't want to offend any snakes.
You did caucus with the Democrats so your chairmanship was preserved. But you, as always, remained the Bush administration's chief cheerleader in Congress (Democratic or Republican) with respect to foreign policy, and much of their domestic agenda. You, as the Chairman of the Government Affairs and Homeland Security committee, gave George Bush and his cronies a pass on their spectacular failures on both fronts. You became - maybe you always were - a tool of the right wing in this country. You betrayed your constituents, as well as the principles you told us you stood for in 2000, 2004 and 2006.

Then there was your love affair with John McCain and his presidential campaign. You not only supported John McCain's agenda of expanding American military operations into Iran, but zealously campaigned for his idea to fix the American economy by giving big tax cuts to fatcats and shifting more of the tax burden to the poor and the middle class in America (or whatever we have left of the middle class). Above all, you knowingly shilled for an utterly unqualified and unprepared person who claimed she would be "in charge" of the Senate as Vice President, named Sarah Palin, to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

When McCain and Palin were thoroughly whipped in the election by President Obama and Vice President Biden, you came out and called for a new day. You pledged to work to advance the new president's agenda. Heh. We warned the Democrats in the Senate then that they would rue the day they cut a deal with
the Devil.

Since then, you have worked to stifle the President's agenda at every turn. You are undermining not just the President but progressive policies that are at the root of what makes America the shining beacon of hope throughout the world.

You are blocking the most precious of all American priorities - health care reform. You don't even care that every day you pontificate about your egotistical rants about health care, 123 people die. And the blood of every single one of them is on your pious, pontificating, egotistical, self-indulgent hands. I would appeal to you on a human basis, but I know you have no humanity left in you.

So, my suggestion is, Senator, a simply political one - seeing the political animal (apologies to any real animals I offended) that you are.
Given that you, for the last 4 or 5 years, have constantly worked to advance a Republican agenda and defeat Democratic initiatives to make the lives of working Americans better, you are in the wrong party. It's time for you to stop being a vulture in a nun's clothing. It's time for you to become a vulture. It's time for you to become a Republican.

An American.

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