Sen. Conrad, NAME the pro-co-op anti-public option Senators

So Sen. Kent Conrad (D - Co-opted by his corporate insurance masters) has been whining and moaning about how the votes aren't there in the United States Senate for a public option in the health care reform legislation. After all, he goes on Fox News and says it. Can it be false? So, once again, Kent Conrad says we can't do the reform we need to and give the American people a choice because we don't have the votes for it in the United States Senate, despite the Democrats having a 60 seat majority. And therefore, he, our guardian angel, has come up with a solution, health care co-ops that, as you see in that video Gov. Howard Dean, MD reiterate, would be too small to compete with the giant insurance companies or contain cost. But hey, Kent Conrad is only having to do this because the votes aren't there for the public option in the United States Senate. He's our practical warrior who's just a little misunderstood. Poor Kent Conrad. Okay, senator. I feel your pain. And I want to ease it. So I'll tell you what. You just give us the names of the Senators who would support co-ops but oppose the public option. Once again, Senator Conrad, give us the names of the Senators who would vote to filibuster the public option and yet would vote for cloture of a bill with your co-ops. Give us the names and we will see if a few thousand phone calls to their offices and some citizen activism can't change their minds. That way, if we fail to persuade them, we'll take the fall, and if we succeed, you won't have to take all the hits for us to try to save health care reform. All I want to do, Senator, is to help you. I just want to help. Really. Won't you let us? Please? Oh, by the way, Sen. Conrad, the top two names on that list wouldn't happen to be Kent Conrad and Max Baucus, would they?

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