Kennedy hatred on the right grows more vile

As our nation mourns the loss of the lion of the senate, as the world grieves the end of a remarkable life, the right wing goes on bashing Senator Kenndy's legacy and even Sen. Kenney the man without shame. I have seen heartfelt statements of loss from Sen. Orrin Hatch, Republican leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. But those are not the sentiments of the core activists of the right. Theirs is a message of contempt and vile lies about a man who lies in peace today. Here are some examples.

One of RedState front pagers writes:
It is traditional, upon the passing of an important and famous person - however controversial - to find some good words to say. This is not an easy task in the case of Ted Kennedy, a man whose personal life ranged from alcoholism to debauchery to sexual harrassment to (sadly, uncharged) second-degree murder, and whose public career entailed the embrace of nearly every foolish, ruinous and cruel political idea of the past five decades and whose most enduring legacy is installing the bitterly polarized modern Supreme Court confirmation process.
I see. You see, it was Ted Kennedy that polarized the Supreme Court confirmation process, even though it's Republicans who threatened the nuclear option, installed people like Scalia and Thomas and Alito who would deny to other Americans the opportunities they have themselves enjoyed. And did you know? America's most beloved senator who literally touched the lives of millions was also an alcoholic, a rapist and a murderer. These people have no conscience. They disgust me.

But I digress. More heartless, idiotic babbling from another Redstate front pager:
Kennedy was personally and politically a hypocrite, that he wilfully slandered men more honorable than he in the service of legalized abortion ... and that he built a political career out of provoking class warfare despite having been been born with a diamond spoon in his mouth and having everything he ever wanted handed to him on a silver platter. Insofar as he was a man of any religious faith at all, he was nominally a Catholic, a faith he besmirched repeatedly with the grave sin of scandal: a cornerstone of Kennedy’s entire public career centered upon using his position of leadership and prominence to present abortion ... Kennedy was supporting IRA terrorists long before any of us heard of Al Qaeda.
Translation: Ted Kennedy was not a Catholic because he supported a woman's right to make her own health care decision (oh by the way, a majority of American Catholics are pro-choice). And he was also a terrorist lover. And didjah know he was a person of privilege who actually cared about those less fortunate than himself? How class warefare-y!

Freepers are full of their disrespect and thuggery as well:
The only tragedy surrounding the death of Teddy Kennedy is that hs didn't die in an orange jumpsuit while serving a life sentence for the negligent homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne. (link)
How can the Catholic Church give this man, the abortion and stem cell leader of the Senate a Christian burial with a Mass? (link)
Someone should sneak a snorkel into the casket.
Will “Rev.” Wright give the eulogies?
I don't know anymore. I am outraged, but even more than that, I feel hurt. I feel hurt that people let their vengeance take over their humanity. Will they ever have any sense of compassion? Or will compassionate conservative continue to be as illusive and non-sense of an oximoron as ever?

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