It seems that way. I don't know what took the Democratic leadership and the White House so long to realize that the Republicans in Congress and their party's current leadership have no interest whatsoever in reforming health care; all they want to do is make it fail and make it Obama's Waterloo. They say they want health care reform and yet reject every conceivable idea to do so, offering no alternative of their own. This is just like Rachel demonstrated on her show last night:

Note to the White House: Republicans don't want pizza, even if they tell you they do!

But the battle of real health care reform is far from over. Even as the Democrats consider a go-it-alone strategy, they are not yet drawing a line in the sand for the public option - a compromise measure. Don't you think Americans ought to be able to decide whether they want a private insurance plan or a public one? But as I said, the Democrats aren't ready to throw down the gauntlet on the public option yet. "Democratic senators might feel more empowered, for example, to define the authority of the nonprofit insurance cooperatives that are emerging as an alternative to a public insurance plan." says the New York Times. Let me make this clear one more time. Co-ops are not a viable option and they will fail.

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