"It's not the policy or practice of the CIA to mislead Congress"

That's what Leon Panetta, the CIA Director, said in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's accusation that the CIA under the Bush administration misled Congress on the use of torture. The Republicans are jumping up and down. How dare Speaker Pelosi criticize the CIA? How dare she say the CIA lied to or misled Congress? They never do that!

No? Let's get at this again. Then CIA Director George Tenet told President Bush that the case for Iraq's WMD's was... what's the word... slam dunk! He did so knowing full well of the dissents and clear doubts within the CIA about the certainty of those weapons' very existence. McClatchy noted,
The public version of the U.S. intelligence community's key prewar assessment of Iraq's illicit arms programs was stripped of dissenting opinions, warnings of insufficient information and doubts about deposed dictator Saddam Hussein's intentions, a review of the document and its once-classified version shows.
The Bush administration and their CIA Director George Tenet (yes, it's a shame that Tenet was originally appointed by President Clinton) lied to make the case for war to the public, and they lied to Congress. Of course they lied. To not believe that they lied is pure naivete.

The Speaker has the courage to stand up and confront the Bush administration and their misleading of Congress, and I want to see President Obama standing squarely behind the Speaker on this. She has called for the release of the notes, and the CIA has not done that, and I predict they will not do it. Why? Because they know, as anyone with any common sense, that Pelosi is right.

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